Terms of Sale

These terms of sale supersede all previous price lists and terms and are subject to change without notice.

All prices are list, freight excluded and do not include storage or taxes. SD4 reserves the right to make changes to price without prior notice.

Terms of Payment
Terms of payment will be established based on the credit rating and credit information provided by and for specific customers based on their credit application. Orders are invoiced at time of shipment. Standard payment terms are 50% due at time of order and 50% due before shipment. Approved credit levels may be extended to net thirty (30) days. Past due accounts will be charged the lesser of 1-1/2% per month or the highest rate permitted by law plus all collection costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses. 

All sales, use, excise and other applicable taxes are the purchaser’s responsibility and will be invoiced to the purchaser. If purchaser claims an exemption from such taxes, it shall be the purchaser’s responsibility to furnish an appropriate exemption certificate to the Company.

Order Confirmation
All orders and subsequent change orders must be submited in writing. SD4 will issue a written Order Confirmation that includes estimated arrival date; Customers should verify the Confirmation for accuracy. The Confirmation is the final agreement between SD4 and the customer. The price list identifies the information that must be noted on the purchase order. Any omission may result in the delay of processing the order. All Quotations, Confirmations, and Invoices are subject to corrections for errors or omissions.

Order Changes and Cancellation
Confirmed orders may not be changed or canceled, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of SD4. Orders for which production has started may not be canceled. Orders that include nonstandard products and non-standard colors may not be canceled. Order changes may affect delivery dates. Expenses incurred because of order changes will be charged to the Customer. In the event of cancellations prior to the start of production for standard products, Customer will be liable for cancellation charges of 25%.

SD4 products are made to order and may not be returned for credit against this invoice unless authorized in writing by SD4. At its discretion, SD4 may deem it necessary to issue a Return Merchandise Authorization to recover defective or failing product for testing and quality assurance. 

Shipment and Delivery 
Charges incurred by SD4 for complying with non-standard shipment requests such as inside delivery, expediting, redelivery, weekend delivery, unpacking, specific driver requests or temporary holding will be invoiced to the Customer. Risk of loss shall pass to purchaser at the time SD4 places the product(s) in the possession of a common carrier.

Freight Claims
It is the Customer’s responsibility to examine products upon receipt, note the damage or shortage on the Bill of Lading, and to notify SD4 at the time of delivery.  Failure to provide notice within 24 business hours constitutes acceptance of the product.   Any concealed damage claims must be made by the purchaser in writing and with photographs within five (5) business days after delivery. Failure by the Customer to make any concealed damage claim within five (5) business days constitutes acceptance of the product and a waiver of any apparent damages.

Loss, Damage or Delay
SD4 shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay resulting from forces beyond its reasonable control including fire, flood, strike or other labor difficulty, act of God, or due to any cause beyond its reasonable control. 

In the event of any such delay, delivery will be postponed by such length of time as may be reasonably necessary to accommodate for the delay.